Posted by: crudbasher | August 7, 2012

3D Printing “Magic Arms”

Work is a little crazy right now so I am not able to blog over lunch like I usually do. Therefore these will have to be done at night when I get home.

My theme this week might be a little difficult to figure out, and even more so how it relates to education (but it does). I have seen many amazing things this week. The Mars rover landing was just the start. Our technology is extending our ability to affect the world around us in ways both good and bad. I came across this story about a more direct way that technology is affecting children.

The video below is about Emma. She was born with a rare condition that meant she would never have enough strength in her arms to lift them on her own. Some researchers therefore created a device that acted like an external skeleton, helping take the weight off and allow her very limited muscles to move her arms. The story is amazing. Notice though that it was really made possible because of 3d printing? I have been blogging about that for about a year and really do think it will change the world. To start with though it has changed the life of a child. Truly amazing stuff.



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