Posted by: crudbasher | October 15, 2012

Space Sparks for Curiosity

I have read a lot about people who as children grew up during the 1960s. This was the height of the Space Race and they were influenced by the amazing sights they saw such as Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon.

Two space related events happened this weekend which mark the end of that era and the dawn of the next.

First, my space shuttle Endeavour was paraded through LA on it’s way to the California Science Center.

I can only imagine how this must fire the imagination of all those children who watched it. Even so, it’s the end of an era. The space shuttle program is probably the last major space program we will see. NASA is still trying to create a space program based on going to the Moon and Mars but because of the lack of money being put into it, it will take a long time to achieve. I imagine the first crew NASA lands on Mars will be greeted by a SpaceX crew offering cold drinks. 🙂

The second amazing event was Felix Baumgartner’s space jump from 24 miles above the Earth. This was truly amazing for several reasons.

The first reason this was amazing was although Red Bull got a lot of publicity out of this event, the primary reason a person does this is curiosity. They want to see if they can do it. Because of technology, it is now much more practical for private citizens and companies to do something like this. As I have mentioned, the Internet allows adhoc connections of people to accomplish amazing things. It also inspires many others by streaming the event on the Internet.

That’s the other really interesting thing to take away from the space jump. Apparently they had 8 million people watching live on the Internet. This is far and away more than any other streaming event and Youtube seemed to handle it fine. This amount of people is larger than many TV programs get on a regular basis. This says to me that technology has now advanced to the point where anyone can broadcast to millions of people at once. Perhaps the children who were inspired by Endeavour and Felix Baumgartner this weekend will be the ones to use this new capability to change the world?



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