Posted by: crudbasher | October 19, 2012

Video of Seth Godin at TEDxYouth

I read recently that the Rolling Stones are going on tour again. Turns out this is their 50th year together. That’s kind of amazing!

Their tour sold out in minutes which is kind of amazing too. People will shell out big bucks to go see 50 year old songs performed. This is not a knock on the the Stones of course, it’s simply an observation that we still place value in a performance even if we know the material. If you think about it, this has implications for Education but let’s get to the video first.

Seth Godin, like the Rolling Stones is doing a performance here that, if you have been following this blog for a while will not seem new to you. Even so, it’s still great to see somebody lay out the case as to why the mass education system is a bad idea for society. (pay special attention at 9:00 with the box of blocks)

So about that box of blocks. That is an example of free thinking with no right answer. After 12-18 years of mass schooling where there is always one right answer, this problem just blows people away. In fact, I have observed the better you did in school, the harder it is to cope with a problem with multiple solutions. When I was taking Educational Media Design and Technology at Full Sail my class was filled with school teachers. One of the things that threw them off balance was assignments where there was no right answer and no grade. Teachers can be some of the most rigid people around, simply because they internalize the system they are a part of. Of course there are exceptions, but free thinkers tend to have problems in the school system and end up leaving. Fortunately, the nature of EMDT tended to break them of a lot of this rigidity.

Something Seth said got me thinking about the nature of school and I might have a week theme out of it. Let me ponder and get back to you next week.


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