Posted by: crudbasher | October 30, 2012

An Example Of Google Focusing On Software

As I mentioned last week, Apple is a hardware company that also make software. Therefore every decision they make is to promote hardware sales. This causes them to limit themselves with their software.

Google on the other hand is a software company that also makes hardware. It’s a completely different focus that in my opinion means they are more flexible to respond to the market. I say this because in the end, people don’t want to buy an iPhone, they want to buy a device that lets them do the stuff an iPhone lets them do. If a better alternative appears they will flock to it (except for the Apple fanbois but that’s another story).

Earnings reports out from last quarter indicate that Samsung sold about double the number of smartphones (58 million) that Apple did. This may explain why Apple pushed the new iPad Mini and iPad 4 out the door last week.

I found this promotional video from Google today on TechCrunch. They raise an interesting point. Google talks about asking questions to Google (via voice) on multiple platforms. Apple has Siri, which you can also ask questions to, but it’s limited to just certain platforms (in order to entice you to buy their hardware). Google doesn’t care about what platform their stuff runs on, they just want you to use it.

Still, what excited me the most about this video is realizing that these are prototypes for future Smart Toys. Just take this voice interface, put it into a soft cuddly body and let the child converse with it all day long. That will be a massively disruptive innovation and will make mass public education seem more out of date than it already does.



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