Posted by: crudbasher | November 29, 2012

Another Rockstar Teacher

You may have heard of Salman Khan, founder of Khan Academy but have you heard of Calvin Hollywood?

Mr. Hollywood (that’s not his real name) is a very successful online teacher of Photoshop. He’s from Germany and has no formal training in being a teacher.

Recently he was profiled on  Here’s a great quote.

His business includes DVDs, live online webinars, and $30 downloadable courses that people can complete on their own time and schedules. To help generate Internet sales, Hollywood does appearances at shows like “Horror Nights,” a dance party frequented by people dressed as vampires and zombies. Hollywood says online teaching earns him as much as $16,000 a month.

This is an example of several disruptive principles I am seeing starting to transform education.

  1. Anyone can be a teacher. Not everyone can make a living doing it though.
  2. To have learning, you just need a willing student and a source of information. You don’t need a physical school.
  3. Most of his students are in Germany because his lessons are in German. Imagine what will happen when realtime voice translation becomes prevalent online.
  4. The Internet empowers creative people. This is a prime example.
  5. Most people now graduating college will do multiple jobs in their lives with multiple companies. This kind of fluidness will encourage side jobs like teaching others.
  6. Mr. Hollywood survives based on his reputation for effectiveness. He doesn’t even use his real name (and certainly doesn’t put Ph.D after it!) He doesn’t need to.

People like Salman Khan, Calvin Hollywood and Sebastian Thrun are quietly developing the future of education.

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