Posted by: crudbasher | December 12, 2012

A Prototype For Smart Rooms

I have been speculating lately that as computers get smaller and smaller, they will split themselves into pieces. The actual computing part will either be something you wear, or built into the world around you. Everyday objects such as sofas and coffee makers can have smarts built in even today but what is missing is some kind of architecture that will allow them all to work together and exchange information. A room built like this would truly be more than the sum of its parts.

A guy in Spain is working on a project to create this architecture. (H/T Techcrunch)

“Creating a workable Minority Report-like screen isn’t very hard but what about an entire room or building that responds to touch, voice, and movement? Now that’s hard. That, however, is the goal of OpenArch, a project by designer Ion Cuervas-Mons that uses projectors, motion sensors, and light to create interactive spaces.”

The creator is going to launch a Kickstarter project in January in which he hopes to commercialize his work.

This is pretty cool stuff. Here’s a video he put together to demonstrate some of his ideas.

It seems pretty obvious that this sort of tech could also be put into a classroom, where it would connect all the various devices and displays together.



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