Posted by: crudbasher | December 19, 2012

IBM’s Predictions For Computers In The Next 5 Years

On Monday I wrote a post talking about how Google wants to archive everything. Not just in the virtual world, but in the physical too. In order to do this, they are developing technologies for giving computers senses. Take their self driving car for example. An internet search company is creating self driving car technology but why? Here’s some reasons.

  1. If the car is driving itself, the occupants will be able to surf the net (and see Google advertising)
  2. The car will have to be able to see it’s surroundings and understand them. This is image recognition par excellence.
  3. These cars will then be able to catalog everything around them and upload it to Google. They already have a fleet of streetview cars, but they can’t possible update the whole country very often. Imagine if there were millions of similar cars moving around all the time. That would be a massive flood of information.

It starts to make sense once you realize that Google isn’t an Internet search company, they are an everything search company. Any piece of information, in any language.

In order to catalog everything, computers will need new senses besides just cameras and microphones. It therefore is serendipity that I came across this article from IBM where they lay out how computers in the next 5 years will gain other senses.

Check out the videos in the link below and keep in mind, that everything the computer will understand will be able to be stored, archived and searched by somebody.

We think of the five senses as exclusive to living things –



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