Posted by: crudbasher | January 30, 2013

What Is H.265 Video Format?

Let’s jump on some technology news. I read all sorts of tech stuff every day but I try not to be repetitive. I like to feature things I think will make a difference in schools in the near future, especially if I think it will be disruptive.

Currently most HD video is coded in a format called H.264. This allows it be compressed in order to send it over the net. Without this compression we would have a hard time watching videos online because they would be too big. The new H.265 format is going to be between 39-44% smaller than H.264 allowing either smaller bandwidth consumption (important with phone data plans) or higher resolution. How high? Well the next format after HD is Ultra HD, also known as 4K. Currently many TVs have 1080 lines of pixel in the vertical dimension. Ultra has about 4000 (I’m simplifying). This means a much, much crisper image than even HD. In fact, the human eye has an effective resolution of about 8k so we are actually approaching the limits of human perception.



What this means for education is interesting. Right now when students bring their phones to school they like to connect via the school’s wifi network. This network then blocks many sites the students would like to access. This new format means it will be more viable to just turn off the wifi and use 4G.

I think schools blocking content is a losing battle. There is always a way around it.

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