Posted by: crudbasher | February 4, 2013

Facial Motion Capture Technology For Online Classrooms

One complaint I see a lot about online learning is that it lacks the “human interaction”. 3D game technology will provide the answer pretty soon I think.

Check out this technology used in a game from a few years ago called “LA Noire”.

Did you notice that when they did the motion capture of their heads, they weren’t using tracking dots or anything else on their faces? They just digitized the head as is. To do that you need a powerful computer (like new game consoles) and a few tracking cameras with depth sensing capabilities (like the new Kinect camera for the new xBox.)

This technology will be on computers pretty soon I think. The cost is coming down quickly and the computing power is increasing to make it practical. You will then be able to meet with your friends online in virtual spaces like Second Life but be able to see each other’s facial expressions. It will go a long way towards providing that human interaction some people want.

Check out the blooper reel from that game, it’s amazing! (H/T arstechnica)




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  2. That’s amazing. And btw L.A. Noire was such a lovely game.

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