Posted by: crudbasher | March 4, 2013

Great Example Of Fractional Learning

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According to my Theory of Disaggregation the current structure of society, which is based on physical proximity of resources, will be dismantled and broken up in favor of the Internet’s ability to structure things based on information. My understanding of this theory is still evolving but I have yet to find the limits of how far this restructuring will reach. Lately I have been thinking about how a person’s labor could even be split up so that during the course of a single day an online worker could do many small tasks for a variety of companies and people.

Here’s one of the first instances of that I have seen. Via TechCrunch comes this story about a company called Airpair. This allows coders to get help from experts in as little a one hour increments. There is actually a vast amount of help available online for coding but it can be a bit time consuming to find what you actually need. This service might help because you can get exactly the right person to help you out, when you need them.

From the story:

Airpair, a newly launched service which connects entrepreneurs and expert developers over remote online sessions, aims to help startups build better software and speed their time to launch. The idea’s name, which brings to mind “pair programming” techniques, offers its users one-hour screensharing sessions where developers will help review your code, brainstorm architecture, assist with problems, and more.

This also fits into my theory of future learning in which everyone will be a teacher and everyone will be a student.

This sort of technology is possible because the overhead is so low. I imagine we will see things like this in education. Imagine doing your homework and being able to connect up with somebody else for a small fee and have them help you out. Then, as your skills improve you will be able to help others in the same way.

This is pretty awesome!

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