Posted by: crudbasher | March 14, 2013

Exploring Other Solar Systems

If humanity survives another 500 years what will it remember about our time period? I think more than any other innovation, the space program will be remembered. The past 50 years have been the time where we as a species turned our eyes to the heavens.

Of course I could be wrong. I read a survey taken last week where they asked people how the US federal budget should be structured. Most people said to spend more on entitlement programs and education and said to cut defense and the space program. Of course there are all sorts of wacky surveys and polls done and I certainly don’t assume that this one is accurate. Nevertheless I do believe many people have lost an ability to strive for things, or even the basic idea of hard work. I don’t want to speculate here why this might be but I do believe it is true.

This is a shame because we live in a wondrous time. For example, here’s a cool story (H/T KurzweilAI) about how a team of astronomers have come up with a way to actually capture images of planets around other stars. They can then look at the light reflected from them and determine what elements are present, the temperatures etc… It’s just amazing! I wish that children these days were more interested in the real world than the manufactured world of pop culture. There are still opportunities for those who work hard. Let’s find other worlds and then figure out a way to go there. No achievement in all of human history will be more significant.

Here’s a video of where the other solar system is in relation to our own.


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