Posted by: crudbasher | April 18, 2013

Society Needs To Adjust To Robotics

I refer to technology that is going to force changes in society as the Stormfront of change. Each cloud is a technology that on it’s own will cause disruptive change. I foresee a whole bunch of these changes coming. One of them I am watching is robotics. There are several kinds of robotics. One of them is called telerobotics. This is where the robot is being operated by a person remotely. A recent conference about robot law brought up some interesting issues. (H/T

[R]emote workers won’t just participate in intellectual collaboration or online tasks. They could one day be doing actual labor, mediated through semi-autonomous robots. And so lawyers, ever practical, want to know: In what states will these employees pay their taxes? And what happens if this contract worker sexually harasses an employee? And, how  does one make sure companies are protecting their trade secrets and employees’ privacy when telepresence machines enter the office?

A company that creates these telepresence robots tried an experiment and hired someone online to operate one of their robots in their breakroom in order to setup meals. Here’s a video of something similar.

The people doing this could be on the other side of the planet. Do they get US minimum wage? It’s just a can of worms that we will eventually have to figure out.




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