Posted by: crudbasher | April 26, 2013

The Age Of Human Enhancement

Coffee (H/T Wikipedia)

Coffee (H/T Wikipedia)

Are you one of the millions of people worldwide who really needs a cup of coffee to start your work day? I never picked up the habit but there is usually a line at the coffee machine at work every morning. People do this because they want the caffeine to stimulate their brain. This creates an addiction to the point that the brain changes in order to require caffeine at regular intervals or else there are debilitating physical side effects. It sounds crazy but people have been putting substances into their bodies for pleasure and sometimes to enhance performance for centuries.

Sports have had a big problem with this and it seems like it’s getting worse. It used to be just steroids people would take but there are rumors of new drugs that are undetectable to screenings. How would we know if they are taking them then? Another important question is if sports authorities knew about this but couldn’t detect it, would they say anything? I’m not sure they would. As our world keeps changing the demands on people in their jobs are increasing. We have many ways of improving physical performance but what about mental capacity?

There is a lot of research devoted to decoding the human genome. This is figuring out how people work at a fundamental level. Could research into this create drugs and genetic therapies that will increase human capacity? I think it is very likely we will see this in the next 10 years. Of course it will be elective and probably very expensive so only the very wealthy will be able to afford it. See where I am going with this?

Our schools are designed on the premise that all kids are basically the same. Of course that’s not true even now but once children are able to be augmented and modified that will become a ludicrous assumption. I would imagine private schools being setup to deal with these super smart kids which will really divide society even more than today. Will jobs start to ask for certain kinds of genetic modifications? Will you be forced to take certain enhancement drugs to do a better job? Society has no idea how to deal with this yet but it’s coming quickly.

So you would assume that the public school system would be taking steps towards curriculum customization and individualized learning experiences right? Nope. We have Common Core instead, which is an attempt to nationalize the curriculum. It’s crazy to treat every kid in the US the same.

The Age of Human Enhancement is just one of the coming technological revolutions that will doom the public school system and is a big puffy cloud in the coming Stormfront of change.



  1. Hi, Andrew. I read your idea about 3D printing and education on I like it very much. Now I am writting a book on this topic and running a project manufacturing 3d printers. Hope to discuss more with you.:) I can’t find you on facebook, so, could you reply me via mail? THX!

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