Posted by: crudbasher | May 2, 2013

Some Recent Tech Tidbits

Greetings Readers!

I took a few days off this week to spend some time with family who came in from out of town. Fun was had by all but it’s time to get back to blogging!

Rather than go deep into one topic I’d like to present a few articles from ars-technica and some quick thoughts on each one. Some days I have trouble finding a single topic to blog on but often there a great deal happening. Technology is moving so quickly!

Here we go… Big hattip to ars-technica, one of the best tech sites around!

An Arduino-based robot for people who don’t know how to build robots

As computers get smaller, cheaper and more powerful they are being embedded into many devices that previously would have been too expensive for wide distribution. This article talks about a Kickstarter project that wants to sell robot kits for $99. They trick here is they are designed to teach people how to program robots. How cool! I’m sure these devices will find their way into classrooms across the country and also into homes for homeschoolers.

Intel’s “Iris” wants to change how you feel about integrated graphics

Many laptops that are sold have embedded graphics. This means the graphics chip is built into the motherboard. In the past, this meant very poor graphics quality. Intel has announced with their upcoming chipset set for laptops this fall, they have drastically upgraded the quality of graphics you can do. This means that you can do gaming in lower cost laptops but more importantly for education, it will open up a whole new world of simulation. As you might recall, I have written at length about how simulation will greatly enhance student engagement. This is a great step forward and will only get better each year.

Netflix loses 1,794 videos from its streaming catalog

Saw this one coming years ago. Some of the content providers are taking their content back in order to put it in their own streaming services. Netflix, while doing well now is an aggregator in a disaggregated world. That’s why they are developing their own original content. is doing the same thing. Content is where the value is when distribution costs approach zero. Even so, people are not going to subscribe to many different streaming services, so the pricing will have to be very low.

Finally, I’d like to mention some space news (which is another big interest of mine). The first commercial suborbital spacecraft called Spaceship Two, made it’s first powered flight. It went supersonic within 16 seconds.



We are in the age of the empowerment of creative individuals. Just Awesome!






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