Posted by: crudbasher | June 13, 2013

Apple and E3 Events

I’ve been paying attention to the recent announcements at Apple and at E3. It seems that this time of the year is when you announce new stuff. Problem is, I didn’t really see much new. Still, here’s what I found interesting.

Apple Event

  1. Apple has added some new features to their iOS7 that used to be provided by third party apps. This of course puts many of those companies out of business. Remember, Apple is essentially a closed system by design. Still, as long as they keep selling products, developers will keep making apps for them. It’s a battered wife syndrome.
  2. Apple has connected Siri with more services. I’m still not impressed until they open it up for third party app makers. Apple can’t compete against the rest of the world together in terms of innovation. This makes sense though when you remember that Apple is a hardware company not a software company.
  3. Nearly everything they talked about was evolutionary in nature, not revolutionary. That’s fine but won’t keep Apple in the tech lead for much long. Their slogan is “Think Different”. This year is was “A Little Better”.


  1. Microsoft and Sony unveiled their new consoles and talked quite a bit about them. I don’t really like game consoles because I’ve never been comfortable using game controller. It is notable though that both consoles can do quite a bit more than just play games. They are really just a massive hunk of computation and graphics always connected to the Internet. They would be a very good platform for certain types of online learning but they aren’t mobile.
  2. There are a proliferation of open source game consoles now. The tech is getting so cheap that this becomes practical.
  3. Microsoft doesn’t seem to realize this. Their XBox One is going to be $500. That’s quite expensive and is actually undercut by Sony’s PS4 at $400. Price matters, especially when PC costs are dropping rapidly.
  4. The games are getting to be very realistic and yet aren’t totally photorealistic yet.

Imagine a learning environment that has this level of quality. Almost exactly a year ago I posted the trailer for Assassin’s Creed 3. Here’s what Assassin’s Creed 4 will look like. Wow!

As I said last year, this is how to learn about history.




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