Posted by: crudbasher | July 24, 2013

Amazing Graphics Coming Soon To Cell Phones

If I was a teacher in public schools, I imagine I would spend a little bit of time thinking about what kinds of technology my incoming class would be bringing with them. It’s hard to keep track of really because of the speed of progress. Here’s an example.

In March this year, I wrote a post called Progress Towards Computer Teachers. In it, I showed a video of a remarkable 3d graphics demo of a human head running in realtime on Nvidia’s best desktop graphics card. This is top of the line stuff folks. Well, even I was surprised to see today that Nvidia has shown a demo of a new graphics chip for cell phones, running almost the same demo.

(H/T Gizmodo)


In the video they do mention that they had to turn down the detail a little bit but really the difference is not noticeable. Creating realistic realtime characters is the last big challenge in 3d graphics. I imagine it’s only a matter of time before someone creates a virtual assistant app and creates a virtual avatar like this to interface with it. What blows me away is this is running on a chip for cell phones. Obviously, only the top of the line cell phones will run it at first, but the costs will drop very quickly. In 3 years, most smart phones will be able to do this.

Here’s another video showing terrain on the same chip.

Coming soon to a classroom near you!

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