Posted by: crudbasher | August 9, 2013

The Moon On Google Earth

I don’t think this is a new development, but I just discovered that Google Earth has a mapset for the Moon and Mars!

I purchased a new laptop a few weeks ago and have been busy checking it out. I bought one with a beefy graphics chip as I like to play games so I’ve been testing it out. I’ve used Google Earth before but I didn’t know it has these other maps.

Here’s a video showing how Google Earth – Moon works.

I thought it was just amazing that you can fly down to the surface and explore the landing sites of the Apollo program. They embed photos and videos in the maps too. I imagine we will eventually get 3d terrain maps you can actually move through. I also imagine you will be able to do it in Virtual Reality using something like the Oculus Rift.

I can’t wait for a field trip to the Moon!


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