Posted by: crudbasher | August 13, 2013

5 Reasons Why I Hate Infographics

I tend to reserve the word “hate” for special occasions. I guess this is one of them.

I hate infographics. Here’s why.

  1. There is no rhyme or reason to how the information is presented. Each one you have to interpret, which is the opposite of presenting information clearly.
  2. Each one isn’t even internally consistent in presentation.
  3. You can’t easily use any of the information in your blog posts. Annoying…
  4. They don’t fit easily on most blog pages.
  5. They can be used to create a misleading impression of data.

They are like the cotton candy of information.

On the plus side, they can occasionally be funny. 🙂




  1. I’m not sure if I agree with you or not about infographics, but I love the Nachos graphic! #hungry 😀

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