Posted by: crudbasher | August 14, 2013

Anyone Can Make Content Now

The biggest effect of the Internet on society has been lowering the bar to distribution of content. It used to be it would cost enough money and resources that you had to have a large company behind you but that’s not the case anymore. Case in point. Microsoft is remaking the classic sci-fi series Blake’s 7. Obviously Microsoft isn’t a small company but what is interesting is it will be exclusively shown on their XBox One game system. The real costs to them were getting the license and producing the show, not distribution. The content industry is becoming disaggregated.

The costs of creating education content are even lower and are subject to the same rules of distribution. Do you have to have a huge campus with sport teams to learn? No. Some people want that but not everyone. Disaggregating the learning from the university is a viable business model. Somebody who comes up with a reputable, effective, and low cost online learning system will be start to eat the university system’s lunch.



  1. Great article! What you say is very true; by using the power of technology basically anyone can create content and distribute it in an online environment. However, universities have already began creating online content. As an institution grows they must meet the needs of growing student population. In the last few years universities have begun to develop their own online learning systems to enhance the education they offer to students, and to provide more accessible options to educational content. Academic-Zone is a prime example of this in action. Academic-Zone delivers online learning modules that aid in the development of writing and numeracy skills. It was created internally at Brock University and is now used externally by universities and colleges across Canada.

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