Posted by: crudbasher | August 21, 2013

Video Of A Future Robot Teacher?

I think most teachers would agree with me if I observed that effective teaching is a lot about the performance of the teacher. When I was teaching, I had a new class every month. Therefore I taught my class hundreds of times. It got to the point that I did each lecture the same way each time. I used the same jokes and the same examples. I polished my performance until it was as effective as I could get it.

Steve Jobs always gave a great presentation of new products but a lot of people don’t realize that he practiced his presentations a lot before doing them for real. One of the keys to a great performance is the ability to be able to read the crowd. A teacher has to be able to read their class. Well, a computer can do that now too and actually watch everyone.

Therefore my thoughts turn to teaching when I see a video like this. This is a robot that is trying to do comedy. The key thing here though is it can adjust its delivery based on how it observes the audience. (H/T

Fascinating stuff! Not hugely funny but you can see some potential right? Could we have teachers in the future like this?

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