Posted by: crudbasher | August 26, 2013

A New Way To Create Comic Books

I didn’t intend to create a series of posts on this topic but it seems a lot of progress is now being made on content creation. This stems from three converging factors.

  1. There is an insatiable need for more content on the Internet.
  2. Personalized content is a very good way to have the content noticed in the sea of other information.
  3. Computers are rapidly getting better at interpreting the world around them.

Here is a video of a prototype system that allows you to become part of a manga style comic book. (H/T Diginfo)

A couple of thoughts. First, an XBox with Kinect could easily do this. Microsoft should buy this company immediately. Second, students could use this to do reports very creatively. They could take some pictures with their phone or tablet, upload them to the system, then put themselves into the images as a cartoon character. Add some voice to text capability and you can rapidly create a report on a topic.

This is cool stuff.



  1. I just shared Manga generator with my students. Thanks.

  2. There is also a motion comics generator being perfected at (some of the latest examples are available on DeviantArt). The first motion comics generators were lame, but this one from Madefire seems to be catching on and is getting support from some of the more critical comic writers/producers. Sign up to be on the list for the next beta invite. 🙂

    • Coupled with advances in computer vision, this technology seems to be taking off. Thanks for the tip Margaret!

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