Posted by: crudbasher | August 29, 2013

When Administration Has No Oversight

(H/T Fox Business)

(H/T Fox Business)

Westfield State University just lost a big donation because its president Evan Dobelle was using the school as his private piggy bank.

H/T Boston Globe

A long-awaited review, part of which was obtained by the Globe this week, of Dobelle’s spending habits, shows that Dobelle freely mixed personal spending with official business in credit card charges of more than $180,209 billed to the Westfield State College Foundation over a 30-month period. Even after months of analysis, however, the accountant who conducted the review said it was impossible to tell whether many of the expenses were legitimate.
Though Dobelle repaid $34,854, the review found, some reimbursements arrived up to three years after the fact — at a time when the accountant had already begun reviewing Dobelle’s expenditures. And some personal charges such as clothing purchases and travel for Dobelle’s family, the review found, should not have been charged to the foundation in the first place.

This is what happens anytime your actions do not have consequences. In a business, what you spend takes away from the bottom line of your company. If you spent more than you take in, your company goes bankrupt. That’s a useful feedback system.

So what did he buy with the universities money? (keep in mind he is paid $240,920 a year)

From the article:

  • More than $3,000 in tickets to the Boston Symphony Orchestra.
  • $975 for tickets to see folk singer Arlo Guthrie.
  • An unexplained $8,000 wire transfer to Vietnam, one of several large undocumented expenses from the Asia trip.
  • A $35 movie in his Connecticut hotel room.

Of course I’m sure he has a good explanation right?

“I am meticulous about” expenses, Dobelle said in an interview earlier this month, while adding that his work transforming the former teachers’ college into a major university sometimes made him neglectful of details. “When you move about as fast as I do and you’re all about being a change agent, these things can happen.”

This guy is so full of himself (and full of other stuff) that if you bump up against him he would pop.

How many other administrators of other schools do the same thing? A decent person would resign. Actually a decent person would not have done this in the first place. If he resigns I’m sure he could find a job someplace else where a high aptitude for wasting other people’s money is valued. Maybe he should run for Congress? 🙂

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