Posted by: crudbasher | September 5, 2013

Better Video Encoding Codec Released

Yesterday I wrote about how the new Ultra HD video spec would make much clearer videos but will drive a massive upgrade of the Internet. Today I read that there is a new video encoding codec that has been released.

A digital video signal contains a massive amount of data. It is possible to compress that data before sending it, therefore reducing the amount of data that needs to be sent. The downside is the hardware on the receiving end will need to decompress the signal before viewing it. There are many methods called codecs to do this compression. A very common codec is called H.264. It provides good compression and decent picture.

Here’s a video explanation of codecs.

A new codec called H.265 just came out. It promises to cut the size of a video file in half, with no noticible loss of quality. This is very impressive. Ultra HD will still require some upgrades because it is much larger than twice regular HD but even so a technology like this will save the industry millions if not billions of dollars in upgrades.



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