Posted by: crudbasher | September 23, 2013

Common Core… Or Else

This video gives me chills.

This was a meeting of the school board telling parents about Common Core. The parents were allowed to submit questions in writing, from which the board would select which to answer. By the end, it seems many parents still had many questions that weren’t touched on in the selected questions. This parent stood up and protested. He was taken away by security, arrested and charged with second degree assault of a police officer and disrupting a school function. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison.

A few thoughts about this.

  1. The school board is part of the government which supposedly works for these parents.
  2. The parents are the ones who pay for all this with their taxes.

I’ve seen scenes like this in communist and fascist countries but I’m shocked to see it here. How many parents will watch this and decide that they are going to start homeschooling their kids or send them to private schools? How many parents will decide that they have had enough and start to throw out their various school board reps via elections?

Most importantly, if enough people leave the public school system, how long will it be before homeschooling becomes illegal like in Germany?

It reminds me of this video.



  1. This video, and your additional comments, has had me reeling for a couple of days. I’m working on a response. Do me a favor, Andrew and watch Seth Godin’s, “Stop Killing Dreams: What is Education Really For?” if you haven’t already. It’s powerful beyond words.

  2. Yep, read that book and also watched the videos. Seth is ahead of the curve and I’m really surprised he isn’t more known in education circles. Also relevant is John Taylor Gatto’s work. Thanks for stopping by Amy! 🙂

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