Posted by: crudbasher | October 8, 2013

Google Treks = Virtual Field Trips

Came across this neat feature for Google called Google Treks

Apparently they have packaged up some of their best StreetView images into Treks. Each image comes with some information about it so can be incorporated into a lesson. I wonder if you could make a scavenger hunt using this tech?

Here’s a list of some of what is offered. As cameras become cheap, high quality and ubiquitous, we should expect to see more of this. What I also noticed watching the video is how big the camera rig was. It’s a big backpack. I can imagine in a few more years that being miniaturized to a headband. That’s the natural progression of technology.

I wonder how many teachers are using Google maps and Streetview in their lessons? It’s not a good as being there but it’s better than reading it out of a book!



Via Twitter @mattwallaert mentioned Skype for Education is a good resource too. Good addition Matt thanks!



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