Posted by: crudbasher | October 22, 2013

School Failings: No Free Time

I have a simple thought for today.

Google famously has set aside 20% of their employee’s work time to allow them to work on any project they want to. The only catch is anything they work on is owned by Google. This make sense of course because Google is paying for it. (I have read that they are starting to get rid or at least discourage this 20% rule)

Many of Google’s most popular products started out as employee projects. This includes Google Maps and Gmail. According to the article linked above, in 2005 half of Google’s new products were started as employee efforts. This sort of mentality recognizes that people are at their most creative when they have freedom to explore what interests them.

So what about schools?

How much free time does a student have to explore ideas that interest them? In a lot of cases, I bet it’s zero. Yes but they can do free exploration when they get home right? Nope, that is taken up with homework.

If you wanted to discourage free thinking and exploration, you would invent the public school system.

Fortunately, some teachers are starting to get it. Bravo!


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