Posted by: crudbasher | October 28, 2013

Virtual Field Trips In 500 Historic Sites

One technology that will become more useful as every student has a powerful computer is simulation. It allows a student to explore other locations and to perform experiments in a safe, cheap virtual environment. These locations though have to be created in the computer.

A company called CyArk wants to digitize 500 historical sites over the next 5 years. using a laser scanner and digital cameras they would create a database of content that could then be explored by students.

H/T Gizmodo

“It’s about the story,” Kacyra emphasizes. “About education. But not education in the old-fashioned sense.” So his team is also compiling educational resources to share their digital copies of these structures with people: virtual tours, interactive apps, 3D-printed models, and automated advice for those physically restoring sites (their Mount Rushmore data, for instance, was used to map cracks in the stone faces in order to repair them).

Cool stuff and just the beginning. Right now it’s fairly expensive to do this but I expect it will drop in price dramatically as technology gets better.


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