Posted by: crudbasher | November 4, 2013

A Prototype Smart Toy?

If you want to teach children, having a “smart” toy that can interact and teach them would be a great idea. The technology to do this is right around the corner and this robot might be the first practical one.

It’s called ZENO R25. They call it a social robot. It can look around, recognize people, query the Internet for answer to questions, and teach foreign languages.

Here’s the video for their Kickstarter page where they are trying to get funding to help put this new robot into production. (H/T Singularity Hub)

Kickstarter video for ZENO R25

So after watching the video you can see how primitive the technology is right now but there is huge potential here. Compare how advanced the iPhone now is from the first iPhone. That’s only been 7 years of progress. Imagine where a social robot like this will be in 7 years…

Now imagine a student going home after school and asking their robot to tell them more about the topic the teacher presented that day. The robot will be able to track their progress in learning over the course of their whole life. It will know that student’s interests, learning styles and areas where they could use more work. They will be able to introduce new concepts when appropriate. It could be a very powerful learning tool and is almost practical.

For much more on the potential of smart toys, see these previous posts.


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