Posted by: crudbasher | November 12, 2013

Google Earth Builder Tools Released To Public

Google Earth is a fascinating project that I think hasn’t hit its full potential yet. Even so they have a great platform for telling stories and building lessons for class. Google has just released the full set of tools to take full advantage of the platform.

Awesome! (H/T Engadget)

Google has used Earth and Maps to tell tales of unfolding tragedies and soldiers fighting for our country. Now its opening up those tools to the public, allowing users to build what they’re calling “Tours” through Google Earth. Tour Builder was released in honor of Veterans Day and it allows users to create narratives tied to points on a map. The process is pretty simple: you drop a marker, add some text, photos or videos and you’re on your way. As you piece together your tale, dropping pins, you can pull the viewer down into Street View or fly to a particular angle on a 3D landmark.

Here’s a demo of how to use it.

Ok teachers, get busy. 🙂

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