Posted by: crudbasher | November 15, 2013

A Smart Teddybear For Christmas?

Ok so it’s not coming out till January but a company called Tedi is creating a $99 Teddy Bear that has sensors in it.

H/T Gizmodo

Besides stuffing, inside Tedi you’ll find a microphone that keeps track of when and for how long an infant cries, a thermometer to monitor its temperature, a sensor to keep track of its pulse, and a grip sensor that keeps tabs on your child’s continually improving strength. All of this data is wirelessly transmitted to an accompanying iOS or Android app, giving concerned parents up to the minute details on their child’s progress.

It also has a speaker in it so it can repeat words for the child to emulate. So what you have is a toy with microphones, speakers, sensors and an Internet connection. How much more do you have to add to have it answer children’s questions?

Couple it with some advanced robotics and you have your smart toy. Wow.

To read more about Smart Toys please see this post Learning From Smart Toys

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