Posted by: crudbasher | November 20, 2013

Finally, Real Augmented Reality On Google Glass

I have to admit I have been a bit disappointed with Google Glass. What I was hoping for was overlaying graphics seamlessly with reality. What I have seen so far is just a small TV in the upper corner of your field of view. Today I learned that Google does in fact have better plans for Glass.

Google has just released a new version which has some new capabilities. Check out this video at time 4:15. (H/T Arstechnica)

This ability to translate text and then replace the existing text is very cool. It has immediate educational applications as a student can go to a foreign country and read signs. I also can see this being very useful in telepresence applications. You can control a robot in a foreign country and it would translate the signs around you.

Could you also use this technology to translate the slides a professor might use in a MOOC? Realtime translation of text and voice is one of those technologies that will change the world.

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