Posted by: crudbasher | December 9, 2013

Stunning New Video Game Trailer

If you are an educator, it pays to pay attention to video games for two main reason. First, if you know what your students are playing you will seem cooler. 🙂 Second, video games are the forerunners of educational simulations.

If you look at what kids spend a lot of time on you will find they spend a lot of Lego and on Minecraft. This is significant because both those activities revolve around creativity. A game like Minecraft can consume many hours of time and it doesn’t have good graphics at all. Just imagine an educational simulation with the level of creativity of Minecraft with these level of video game graphics.

Keep in mind, what you see in this video is not a movie; you can interact with it.

(H/T Engadget)

The lighting is just amazing because it is very computationally intensive. They seem to have a nice way to do it without killing the graphics card. Awesome!


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