Posted by: crudbasher | December 10, 2013

Streaming From The PS4

I wanted to share this because it’s fairly mind blowing.

The new PS4 game console came out about a month ago and has a feature where you can automatically stream your game on Twitch TV, which is a service for streaming video games (duh). Sony has just announced that they have had over 800,000 game sessions streamed already.

H/T Ars-technica

We called the PS4’s ability to Stream gameplay over Twitch and Ustream a potential killer app when we reviewed the system, and many PS4 owners seem to agree with that sentiment. Sony announced today that PS4 users have streamed 800,000 distinct sessions since the system launched in North America on November 15 (and in 31 other countries November 29), comprising more than 20 million minutes of live streamed gameplay from the console between both services.

People like to share things they are passionate about. See this is the potential of something like Google Glass. Since you are always wearing a camera, people should be able to watch what you are doing. I’m still expecting a lot more first person cameras in the Olympics. Maybe not in the upcoming one, but soon.

This can easily extend into the world of education because it will allow students to follow along with people in the world doing interesting things. The students will have the devices, but will the schools have the network to make it happen? Here’s an article talking about how much bandwidth you have to have to do decent telepresence.


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