Posted by: crudbasher | December 18, 2013

A Great Overview Of VR Technology

As some of you may know, I have had experience with Virtual Reality. In fact I taught a class on it about 15 years ago. It’s a great idea but the technology just wasn’t ready yet.

In the last year a company called Oculus Rift came out of nowhere with a prototype VR helmet. They have gotten a lot of buzz but I was skeptical. There have been lots of helmets but they all have problems. The cheap ones are awful and the good ones are not that great either but very very expensive. I came across this article though that has convinced me that just maybe this time we will get the real deal.

From Wired magazine:

Oculus Primed: Meet the Geniuses Who Finally Mastered Virtual Reality

There are a number of hurdles to creating a seamless virtual experience. Tracking, resolution, motion blur; sometimes it seems like the list never ends. But underneath them all is the most visceral obstacle of all. It’s the one that makes people feel dizzy, or hot, or nauseated. It’s latency.

The whole article is a really great primer on how to do good VR and this company seems to get it. This technology also leads right into Augmented Reality which is one of the technologies I think will change the world similar to how smartphones already have.



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