Posted by: crudbasher | January 20, 2014

A Computer The Size Of An SD Card

Computers continue to get smaller, faster and cheaper. This allows them to be put into items you would not expect to have smarts. At the recent CES conference, Intel showed off a new computer design that fits into an SD card sized package. (H/T

The company unveiled Edison, a computer the size of an SD card that supports multiple operating systems and features a 400-megahertz Quark processor with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


Edison can be used in “most any device — not just computers, phones, or tablets, but chairs, coffeemakers, and even coffee cups,” Intel noted in a press release that followed Krzanich’s speech.

At a certain point, the distinction becomes arbitrary — already, whole computers like Edison and not just their sensors and peripherals are small enough to wear, and the computer might trigger another device automatically or it might alert the user to respond.



At some point computers get so cheap that they become essentially disposable. They become embedded into everything around you and are managed via your cloud profile. As you move close to a device, it becomes “yours” to manipulate.

Our world will change dramtically in much the same way our smartphones have changed it. Right now our smartphones allow us to connect to the Internet. This sort of technology allows the Internet to connect back to the items around us.

Couple this with advanced robotic and other advances and things are looking mighty interesting. The most obvious use of this in education in my mind will be to monitor what a student is doing and how they are learning. Of course that will probably be used mostly in a bad way but most technologies are double edged swords. 🙂

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