Posted by: crudbasher | January 22, 2014

Coursera Now Offering “Degrees”

H/T Forbes

[Coursera] will start awarding  Specializations for students who have mastered a series of closely connected online courses — and are willing to pay $250 to $500 for validation of their work.


Coursera has set up the Specialization label to cover a series of interlocking courses that are meant to provide students with full mastery of a subject. Coursera is starting with 10 such tracks, including  three courses on how to program in Python (taught by Rice University instructors), or three courses on how to make effective arguments (taught by Duke professors.)

“I fully expect that this is something employers will look for,” says Coursera co-founder Andrew Ng, who is also a computer science professor at Stanford.

Fascinating. So MOOCs are starting to get into the credentialing game. Remember, this is how traditional universities make money. They don’t make it on teaching, they make it on credentialing. This is a signal to employers that a person has a certain skill set and thus providing a first line of culling of the workforce.

I wonder if any employers are going to start accepting this specialized credential? I don’t see why not as the courses are being taught by reputable people. Will this destroy the higher education model? Nope but keep in mind MOOCs have really only been around for two years. It look longer than that for the iPhone to change the world too.



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