Posted by: crudbasher | February 20, 2014

Video Showing How Higher Education Is Driven By Economics

One of the big revelations I have discovered over the last 4 years writing this blog is that everything is driven by economics. A person can have many motivations but people as a group influence their environment via economics.

There has been a lot of discussion in higher education over the last 4 years as well. Many people seem to think that the system has to change because of the Internet. There have been a lot of people who are trying to come up with a new way to teach. Then again there are members of higher education who think that nothing will really change. Time will tell who is right but lots of people have opinions.

Here is an analysis of the higher education industry and how it might be affected by the new economic realities of the Internet. It’s 26 min long but it’s very interesting.

H/T Zerohedge

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