Posted by: crudbasher | March 5, 2014

An Open Source Fusion Reactor?

A big theme on this blog is how the Internet empowers creative people. When pioneers settled the west in the US, they had to do most things themselves. You couldn’t just order what you need on Amazon. Turns out, that pioneering spirit is alive and well today.

Check out this video of a guy who likes to tinker and has an idea for a homemade fusion reactor. (I really like the part starting at 1:53)

H/T Gizmodo

Heh awesome! The part at 1:53 is where he talks about how he has gathered online a group of people like him and they share ideas. See, they are organized by ideas, not by location. This is the shape of the post-industrial society. Why doesn’t school work like that too?

You know what would be crazy? To have a 13 year old achieve nuclear fusion. Oh wait, that happened too.

So will that young man feel more at home in a college classroom with 400 freshmen, or on the small online message board of the open source guy above?


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