Posted by: crudbasher | March 17, 2014

Flexible, Wearable Wifi Antennas

It is a very common sight to witness a teacher telling their students to put away their phones and laptops. If current trends continue however that will become very difficult in the future.

H/T Gizmodo

This fully textile waveguide antenna is capable of handing 2.45 and 5.4 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi, and is made entirely from flexible textiles. The heart of the device is a cell inspired by metamaterials, along with an antenna built on a felt substrate. There’s also a sheet of shielding textile, designed to reduce interference of signals from the wearer.

There is a big push being driven by improving materials sciences to produce electronics that can be worn as an article of clothing. Google Glass is just the start. It is quite likely computers will disappear as discreet devices and will become collections of components that you wear.

The stated goal of Google is to provide you with information before you realize you need it. What will this tech do to classrooms if your wearable technology pops up the answer to the questions the teacher is asking? What happens when you can’t turn that tech off?

I see all this happening within 5 years.

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