Posted by: crudbasher | April 10, 2014

Lost My Kitty and Friend

Hey folks,

I’ve had a bad week so I haven’t felt like blogging. I had to have my cat Lily put to sleep. She was deaf, had hyperthyroidism, chronic kidney failure and was down to 3.7 lbs. I have been doing a lot to keep her going over the last 3 years but last Thursday she stopped eating and began getting weaker. She was telling me it was time to let go. So I did. I was with her until the end.

Thank you sweet Lily for being a good friend to me these last 8 years. Sleep now.

I’ll start blogging again tomorrow.




  1. So sorry for your loss Andrew.

  2. Sorry to hear about the loss of your precious friend. May you be comforted with sweet memories these upcoming days.

  3. So sorry to hear of your loss. We have a kitty similar to her and love her dearly.

    You were a compassionate kitty parent to do what you did.

    May she rest in peace now,


  4. Thanks everyone!

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