Posted by: crudbasher | April 17, 2014

Disaggregating Cell Phone Components?

As technology gets faster, it also gets cheaper and uses less power. This reality is creating an interesting development in cell phone technology from Google.

H/T arstechnica

Google’s”Project Ara” is a phone that wants to fight that trend. The goal is to create a smartphone pieced together from individual modules, theoretically giving users the ability to upgrade and repair their phones without replacing the entire thing every couple of years or so. Phone too slow? Upgrade the processor. Hate your camera? Get a new one. Battery worn out? Replace it.

It’s an interesting idea. This could possibly be successful but in only one area: some businesses can use it for custom hardware.  A big limitation of existing smartphones is you pretty much have to use the hardware feature they ship with it. Oh sure there are some gadgets you can add on such as credit card readers but those are very simple.

This technology will be pretty useful in manufacturing and research and also maybe in schools. The ability to have some of these devices in a classroom with learning modules you can connect up would be cool. I think another reason this will work for schools is then you can upgrade the device slowly since most of the time budgets don’t allow mass upgrades of all the technology in the school.

We will see where this goes. My gut tells me this will just be a niche product.

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