Posted by: crudbasher | May 21, 2014

Educational Observations About My Son (age 15mo)

(this was going to be my Friday post but I was out of town and realized I had no time)

I have to tell you I am really enjoying being a Dad for my boy. He is 15 months now and as somebody with a keen interest in education and learning in general it has been a fascinating experience. I had this realization the other day that just knocked me back on my heels.

My son’s brain learns much better than mine.

You see there is this concept called Neuroplasticity. It means that when we are born our brains are very flexible and can learn things very quickly. It’s always been just a concept to me but now I can actually watch it happen. For example, we live in Florida. This means it’s really flat here and he has not really had much chance to climb stairs. I just got back from visiting family up north and they had all sorts of stairs. My son didn’t really know what to do at first but after just three days he had figured out a way to go up them. (He’s still working on getting down 😉 )

I have also been enjoying watching him try new things. Of course when he gets to hold a new item it goes in his mouth first but after that he starts to examine it closely. He has figured out all sorts of things and likes to know how things work. I find that what is holding him back in some cases is not a lack of understanding but a lack of fine motor skills. It’s really remarkable to watch and I am enjoying every minute I spend with him! He loves books and has a remarkable ability to concentrate at his age.

I am going to do everything I can do to facilitate his learning, mostly by getting out of his way.

Me and my boy exploring!

Me and my boy exploring!


  1. He will be swimming before you know what has hit you. Enjoy now because they grow up too quickly. Best wishes Charles

    • Yes we signed him up for beginning swimming this summer! Thanks for the kind wishes Charles I really appreciate it!

  2. It is so much fun to watch them learn at this age. Giant sponges, they are. I explore you to remember that children can keep on learning in almost the same rate if, they are left to mostly their own devices. It is often when we interven that the joy gets sucked out of the process. Let him learn this way as long as you feel he is doing a good job of it. My guess it it will be longer than you think!

    • Hey Darleen! Yes I intend on giving him lots of space to learn on his own. He seems to be doing very well and I don’t want to interfere.

      Thanks for commenting!! 🙂

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