Posted by: crudbasher | May 22, 2014

Here Comes 802.11ac Multi-user Beamforming. (what??)

Here is a new technology that will have a big impact in places with lots of people all trying to access wifi at the same time (think classrooms!).

Currently a wifi router takes turns sending data to each device talking to it. If you are watching Netflix for example, it sends you a bit of your show, then sends data to another device while you are watching that chunk of video. Then it comes back and updates you with a bit more and so on. This works on for a limited number of people but in situations with lots of devices things tend to get bogged down.

The 802.11ac wifi spec has in it the ability to build routers that can talk to multiple devices at the same time. This will greatly increase the amount of devices that can be serviced. While it will only have a limited effect at home, in places such as sports arenas and classrooms it will enable much better performance.

The first routers with this capability go on sale soon.

For more check out Arstechnica’s excellent article.

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