Posted by: crudbasher | May 27, 2014

A Battery Breakthrough We Might See This Year?

We have already seen the transformative effect that mobile technologies have had on society in the last 10 years. Even so, the true potential of the technology has been restricted by a lack of mobile power. If you have a smartphone you have to plug it in once per day at least no matter how little you use it. If you do a data intensive task like stream a video it drains the battery even faster. This drawback is going to seriously hamper new technologies like Augmented Reality and Robotics. Therefore, I am watching the mobile power sector as an enabling technology that will open up new parts of the technological revolution.


Power Japan Plus announced that it has developed a dual-carbon battery that performs better than the lithium-ion batteries popular in everything from laptops to electric cars.

The company makes a number of impressive (too good to be true?) claims about the advantages of their new battery technology, including:

  • Energy density that’s comparable to lithium-ion batteries.
  • Charging that is 20-times faster than lithium-ion.
  • A long lifespan, with 3,000 charge/discharge cycles.
  • The “safest high performance battery chemistry ever developed.”
  • And the ability to easily replace other batteries in the manufacturing process.

On top of all that, the company says the battery is made with zero rare metals, rare Earth metals (bad news for China), or heavy metals. Plus, it’s 100 percent recyclable.

Wow that sounds amazing. I have begun to realize though that these sorts of claims have been made before and they often don’t pan out. Still, the company says they are ready to start production this year so we won’t have to wait long to see if this is what we have been waiting for. If it does work, you can bet a company like Apple will either buy them outright or else will license the tech pretty quickly.

We will see soon!


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