Posted by: crudbasher | June 17, 2014

Some Thoughts On’s Impending Phone

Apparently is going to launch their own smartphone.

H/T theverge

There’s been speculation that Amazon could be interested in a new shopping interface with the phone’s 3D effects — and the New York Times today speculated that Amazon feels it needs something like a phone to bolster its shopping experience. The device could aim “to close any remaining gap between the impulse to buy and the completed act,” notes the Times.

It seems has put a 3d interface in the device. That’s interesting but I have yet to see a compelling reason to have 3d in an interface. 3d tvs still aren’t selling well nor do I expect them to until you can watch them without glasses.

Two more thoughts about this. First, has gotten into hardware in a big way the last few years. They aren’t the only ones either. It used to be hardware companies made hardware but that has changed that a bit. It is easier to develop and sell these devices than it used to be. That’s how the Internet empowers the creative. I would imaging within the next few years we will be seeing individuals designing and creating their own devices. Actually you can couple that idea with Kickstarter for financing and you will see people are already doing it. (see Oculus Rift)

The other thought is Amazon is doing this because they want to make sure they control the platform people use to access their site. If people use an iPhone for example, they are at the mercy of whatever Apple decides to do to them. This way, a user will always be directed to first. The downside is, it creates even more walled gardens on the Internet. Still, that is a form of Disaggregation too so it fits my model of the Internet effect.

I wonder if we will see a learning company like Pearson create their own device? Oh, wait, that already happened.


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