Posted by: crudbasher | June 19, 2014

Lego Fusion – Blurring The Line Between Real And Virtual

This is amazingly creative.

You can build a lego building on a special flat brick, then use a smart device to take a picture of it. It then converts the construction into a virtual representation which you can then use in a virtual world.

H/T Engadget

Each Lego Fusion set consists of 200 bricks along with a special “capture” brick building plate that’s meant to be paired with a corresponding app. To play the Town Master game, for example, you would build a two-dimensional facade on the base plate, say the front of a house with a door, two windows and a roof (buildings can be up to 16 bricks high and 16 bricks wide). You’d then launch the app’s camera function to focus on the printed pattern, which is used as an identification tag. This essentially lets the app figure out exactly the size and colors of the Lego bricks you’ve built on the plate, enabling it to import and translate that physical creation into the digital realm. The app is then intelligent enough to transform the two-dimensional front of a house into a three-dimensional virtual building to be placed in the game. 

Just wow. I have to say, Lego has just really stepped up it’s game in the last 10 years.  They could have just kept making brick sets but they into everything. I did see the Lego movie and really liked it. They have MindStorm robotic sets, and now this new tech. I can only see what they will be making in 5 years time!

The next step to this is to use bricks to build an object but have that object show up as something else, then pop it into a game. Instead of looking like a Lego house then why not have it look like a real building?

Just awesome!


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