Posted by: crudbasher | June 26, 2014

2.4 Billion Connected Gadgets By 2018

I haven’t written anything about the recent Google and Apple tech shows where they unveil new things. Mainly this is because nothing really revolutionary happened. Apple is continuing to tweak their software and added support for health tracking devices. Bah, that’s borning.

Google announced a bunch of tweaks to it’s software, and some wearable device support. Gosh I feel like I’m repeating myself. I did however find a nugget of useful news in the Google stuff. They are making a stripped down Android phone called Android One that will be a basic low cost smartphone. I heard it will be sold for less than $100 and won’t be offered in the US yet, just in India.

These low cost devices will still be much more powerful than the original iPhone. This sort of technology will transform the world, especially the developing world. That will lead to this forecast that 2.4 billion devices will be only by 2018.


H/T Campus Technology

Smart connected devices are growing at an unprecedented rate and are expected to hit 2.4 billion units per year by 2018. According to new research, that growth will be driven by smart phones and cheaper (sub-$500) gadgets, which will begin to push traditional PCs into the margins.

It’s a race to the bottom driven by Google. They make their money based on how many people are using Google search, not how many phones they sell. In my opinion that gives them an advantage over Apple.

The implications for education are profound. Imagine a billion people in the developing world looking for learning online! Some company is going to create an online learning platform that will teach them all, and that will transform the educational landscape. Keep in mind, Facebook has 600 million users and only about 2000+ employees…



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