Posted by: crudbasher | July 15, 2014

LeapTV – A Game Console For The Youngest

LeapFrog is a company that makes educational type devices for little children. They just unveiled a new game console that is designed to let little kids have a fun educational experience on their TVs.

H/T Gizmodo

LeapFrog says LeapTV will offer a library of over 100 proprietary games and videos available via game cartridge or download. Each game is curated by LeapFrog to offer age-appropriate educational fun. Assumedly, the killshot is a developmental target that lands somewhere after eight years old.

LeapTV will hit shelves in time for the 2014 holiday season at $150 for the system, $30 for each game cartridge, with downloadable games and apps starting at $5. With a wireless Wii-like remote and body-tracking camera, it tries to give younger kids the same sort of gaming capabilities that their older siblings likely enjoy.

So what can we learn from this? Well, it’s clear the cost of entry to the video game console market has significantly dropped. The potential market for this system is fairly niche so that means the business model can work even that that limited level. That makes sense though because even a midrange smartphone can power something like this.

Longer term this means that kids entering K-12 will have a different idea as to what it means to learn. Learning to them will be fun. How excited to you suppose they will be while cramming for their first standardized test?

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