Posted by: crudbasher | July 23, 2014

Wireless Virtual Reality

I’m a bit skeptical about this one.

H/T Gizmodo

Subjects in the lab wear markers and are tracked down to the nearest millimeter using infra-red cameras and markers with the same technology used in cinema for motion capture. The system knows exactly where they are, where they are headed and where they are looking. This takes it well beyond the capabilities of the current Oculus Rift.

The key to the immersive experience is that there are no cables attached to the person, who can wander freely through the room.

There is a video too.

In theory this can work. Our brains control our bodies based on electrical impulses generated by our eyes. If you can generate a perfect virtual world, then our brains can be fooled. The problem with the system in the video is it is far from perfect fidelity. I know this is just a prototype but you will have problems with people falling over. The headset doesn’t provide a wide field of view. Our balance is based in part on our eyes peripheral vision.

Even so, in controlled situations this can be an interesting tool. I would be very interested in seeing a multi player version. You can imagine a class of students using this to explore a virtual model of a car or other vehicle.

It’s a cool experiment but it will be very hard to get it to work effectively.


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