Posted by: crudbasher | January 19, 2015

Every Obstacle Has A Solution

I tend to be an optimist. I know when you read my posts I talk a lot about disruptive change but that is mostly to the established systems. Society is always in a constant state of evolution and change. This idea guides my thinking.

When you look around at society, government seems to be the most constant thing doesn’t it? By extension then, public schools are equally rooted in the fabric. I mean, we will always send our kids to school right? It sounds like a no brainer but why?

Take another industry like Internet service providers. At my house in Orlando I have two options for ISP, Comcast and Time Warner. Once they merge I will have only one option. That makes me nervous. Still, as long as you have to run a wire to my house for Internet, nothing will change. Running that wire is expensive. And yet, in this day and age, nothing is impossible. Turns out a solution is to go over their heads. Literally. 🙂

Elon Musk touts launch of ‘SpaceX Seattle’

As guests drank beer and wine and sipped Champagne from glasses etched with the SpaceX logo, Musk outlined an audacious plan to build a constellation of some 4,000 geosynchronous satellites, a network in space that could deliver high-speed Internet access anywhere on Earth.

Those satellites are to be designed by software and aerospace engineers in SpaceX’s new engineering office in Redmond.

Well dang. I wonder how well this will work? He wants to use very small satellites, just lots of them. It is a very disaggregated model really. 🙂

An ISP like Comcast makes money when what they are selling is scarce. They want you to pay more money for more speed and data. A company like Google makes money when bandwidth is very cheap and plentiful. A company like SpaceX is using this dichotomy to make money solving the problem. SpaceX wants to go to Mars. Doing a satellite global Internet system is a means to that end. Think about that for a moment. It is now within the capabilities for a medium size company like SpaceX to establish a global communications system. Then ask yourself what will happen if Elon Musk decides he needs better engineers than he’s getting via the public school system and invents a better replacement?

He might not, but I bet somebody will. What seems like a permanent obstacle can be overcome.

Here’s a video and transcript of the event.


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